Why Join

Why Join

When Manufacturing Thrives our Economy Thrives.

Together, we are stronger. While you do the important work of running your business, we work behind the scenes building a local manufacturing network, connecting you with potential business opportunities and inspiring your next generation of employees. We become your conduit between manufacturers, suppliers, educators, government and workforce professionals.

Five Reasons Why a Manufacturing Directory Makes Sense

  1. Purchasing products from a local manufacturer rather than from outside the county increases local business’ revenues.   With high revenues, local businesses will grow, hire local people, and invest in their businesses and our community.
  2. Purchasing services or products from a local supplier rather than from outside the county helps us drive higher utilization of our combined assets increasing our efficiency, and driving higher profits available for local investment.
  3. Having a local source of supply keeps our dollars circulating locally. As dollars are transacting, they multiply from the value-added with each raw material, product or service. More dollars spent or invested in the local community drives more retail sales, housing purchases, and improvements, and funds the operation of our local governments.
  4. A strong manufacturing sector drives higher economic benefits than many other sectors. Manufacturers purchase raw materials and use sub-contractors for sub-assemblies. The average earnings of a manufacturing employee are higher than many other professionals. Manufacturing companies require supporting employees for engineering, logistics, supply chain management, quality assurance, sales& marketing, and management. Couple this with the exporting of their products outside our county, which brings dollars into our county, the multiplier-effect can provide $350,000-$550,000 per employee. Quite an economic driver!
  5. In today’s fast-paced world, with technology and business process advances emerging daily, it is important to leverage the knowledge of others. Collaboration between manufacturers can assist in identifying and

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The Grow Manufacturing Initiative was designed to bring together Shasta County’s manufacturing businesses to help them collaborate to be more effective and profitable. Not only is this good for our individual companies, but it helps to drive economic prosperity for all of the resident and businesses in our county.  Join us! Let’s collaborate on our path to excellence!

We are dedicated to the Manufacturers of Shasta County, Please Contact Us!

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