Virtualization vs. Cloud Computing! (Infographic)

February 7, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+

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For non-techies, it can be easy to confuse virtualization and cloud computing, and figuring out which is the best option for the business is a whole other challenge.

Fortunately, this handy infographic guide explains the two and lays out their benefits in plain English.

While virtualization and cloud computing may share some similarities, it’s important for business decision-makers to be able to distinguish some key differences in order to make the right choice for their company.

Virtualization enables the creation of multiple simulated environments from one system, effectively turning it into multiple systems.

Cloud computing allows numerous departments to access a single pool of resources and scales outward, with co-operation between numerous systems, each of which has its own controller.

To work cloud computing needs the manipulation of hardware through virtualization. Put simply, cloud computing cannot happen without virtualization.

One of the biggest advantages of cloud computing is that it allows different users access a single resource from anywhere providing that they have Internet connectivity. Unlike cloud computing, virtualization can only be accessed once the party in question has received the necessary information from the network controller. 

Many organisations opt for cloud computing as it is the best option for teams that are spread out across wide distances. Virtualization however, is the perfect solution option for companies who require full control over integration and security.

To find out more about the key differences between virtualization and cloud computing check out this infographic below from The Missing Link.

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