Chinese New Year: Tips to Keep Your Supply Chain Efficient! (Infographic)

January 31, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+

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Article, and permission to publish here, provided by Louis at

Chinese New Year is just around the corner, and more and more freight companies are working on how to sustain productivity and efficiency.

For small businesses that are new to experiencing this holiday, during Chinese New Year, some China-based companies are temporarily shutting down their activities to celebrate and administer different superstitions to have a healthy and prosperous New Year.

And this is also the time of year where freight demands shoot up, prices increase, and containers easily become full making it expensive and difficult to import.

    In this infographic, we will discuss different tips on how your supply chain can keep up this Chinese New Year. Here are a few considerations that you can apply:

Confirm your Supplier’s Schedule

Chinese New Year

Making sure that you verify on your supplier’s schedule which days they would not be operating makes you also adjust the timing of your operations. Being mindful and alert with your suppliers especially in places where different holidays are celebrated gives you time to maneuver and interact smoothly with your supply chain.

Place your Orders in Advance

As mentioned earlier, consulting your suppliers beforehand with their schedules can help you adjust to their absence, and this also applies to the flow of your orders. Placing your orders in advance won’t only help you avoid delays, it will also help you manage your expenses and find space for your shipments.

Collaborate with a Trusted Local Freight Forwarder

As your company grows, more and more reliable freight partners are merging to aid your supply chain dilemma and goals. In times where different holidays are celebrated, it is essential to find help with local freight forwarders to help you cope up with your scheduled deliveries.

To learn more about the different tips on how you can keep your supply chain during the Chinese New Year, you may check the infographic below created by Excelsior.

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