Shasta County Celebrates National Manufacturing Day

October 6, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

On October 5, 2018 Shasta GMI participated in our first National Manufacturing Day. We invited manufacturers, representatives from economic and workforce development, city officials and higher ed to go on a bus tour of 3 area high school programs preparing our students with the skills needed in this region.

We visited the Shasta, Enterprise, & Foothill high school programs. What we experienced was full classes of engaged teens, working passionately on exciting projects, with equipment that equals that of some of our businesses & the community college. We were thrilled to see large enrollment, committed and very experienced instructors, and many wonderful skills being developed through hands-on learning! The programs we visited included Drafting (both paper & pencil and computer-aided). Students used a variety of software design tools to create some complex and unique designs. 3D printers were used to print/manufacture designs created by the students. Robotic designs were created for robotics competitions & real live space launches in coordination with NASA programs. Students in the welding and construction programs were learning all aspects of building structures safely. Our tour was a very impressive way to see how our local high schools are preparing our workforce of tomorrow! They will be ready!