Roundtable Discussion and Tour: Workforce Development Pt 2

May 29, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ GMI minutes

As a continuation of our workforce development topic began the the April GMI meeting, Shasta College offered to host the May meeting to showcase current educational pathway efforts and degree/certificate programs to prepare local students for the manufacturing industry.



Hope Seth, Shasta GMI Coordinator

DJ Lauf, West Coast Paper Solution

Michelle Clement, Captive Aire

Tony Giovaniello, Shasta EDC

Debbie DeCoito, SMART Center

Pat Corey, McHale Signs

John Schmidt, Shasta College

Sam Haier, SAF

Chelsea Hendershot, Shasta College

Annie Rafferty, Butte College

Rick Osbrink, Shasta College

Becky Roe, Sierra Pacific

Jay Davis, Shasta College

Lorrie Berry, Shasta College


Roundtable Discussion:

Workforce Development, part 2. Preparing the Workforce, Company Training Solutions

GMI Website

Hope featured the newly launched GMI website and demo’s the areas where manufacturers can add/edit their listings, where to find past meeting and upcoming events. She mentioned she will be reaching out to manufacturers to share the site and ensure accuracy.

Career Pathways Trust

Hope invited Chelsea Hendershot, Senior Project Coordinator at Shasta College, to share about the Career Pathways Trust , a 5 million grant received by Shasta College to establish educational pathways in Healthcare and Manufacturing at 11 different high schools in Shasta County. Through that grant Shasta College also purchase new state of the art equipment and upgraded facilities for manufacturing/industrial arts training. High schools have been given grants to purchase equipment and curriculum for students, who can receive college credit for those classes.  And advisory committee with industry representatives meets yearly to shape the program, latest equipment, and skill gaps. Becky Roe commented she appreciated the high school students sharing about their experiences with the programs. She mentioned that more healthcare industry was represented and would like to see more manufacturers present. Discussion centered on ways manufacturers may contribute to high school programs by speaking to classrooms, offer tours of facilities, participate in advisory meeting.

Manager Training Opportunities

Last month, the topic of manager/line lead training arose as a need among manufacturers present. Following that meeting, Hope met with Becky Roe, Sierra Pacific, and Michelle Clement, Captive Aire, to discuss forming a monthly peer subgroup to discuss HR related topics, sharing of resources, and best practices. Manufacturers are welcome to send someone from their office to participate. Hope will send out contact info and info on future meetings.

GMI Meeting Participation

We had a lot of great discussion about how to break through to other manufacturers in hopes of getting higher participation in meetings. Annie Rafferty, Butte College Workforce Development shared that in Butte/Glenn counties they divided their yearly schedule into:  3 tours, 3 socials, and 3 workshops. This makes it easy for manufacturers which employees to send to each meeting / gathering. Other ideas discussed were putting a calendar of events and gatherings on the new website, and sending a link to each manufacturing co for quantifying value of each meeting. A communications schedule will help provide consistency and messaging about tours, events, workshops, etc. The discussion forum on the GMI website could notify all manufacturers when questions/topics are added to the forum. Greater participation can happen if manufacturers commit to ‘bring one’ other manufacturer or representative. We could also invite suppliers who can add value/provide services to the manufacturers.

Internal Training

SAF sharing they created an internal one on one training program for new employees.SPI has an internal leadership development program. It is more general than industry specific but if heavily influenced by company culture and would be difficult to outsource. It was asked if there is an opportunity to create a group training across several manufacturers in a particular interest area. However there is concern that Redding is too small and niched to do that. Annie Rafferty mentioned that the Training Place helps with job instruction and job relations. They place a trainer on site to assist employers based on SOPs to implement training.

Student Engagement

There are severals ways that manufacturers are currently engaging with students. Most valuable have been guest speaking in a classroom for 45 minutes, followed by tours which have a greater ROI and are easier to build engagement with students.  Career/job fairs don’t seem to produce the same level of engagement however they are good for initial exposure. John Schmidt mentioned upcoming Makers Faires and STEM career days as opportunities.

Upcoming/Follow Up

John Schmidt mentioned upcoming Makers Faires and STEM career days this fall as opportunities. Michelle Clement mentioned an upcoming Human Resource annual conference October 9-10 at the Gaia. Shasta GMI could have a table and meet with manufacturing members for possible recruitment to GMI.

Next Meeting: Will be hosted at Southern Aluminum Finishing July 24. Topic will be Safety.