GMI Quarterly Report: Jan-March

March 31, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ GMI minutes


The period of January-March has showed the most activity for the Shasta GMI since its inception in 2017. The hiring of Hope Seth as Coordinator has brought much needed facilitation and outreach previously managed by the Shasta EDC. With increased outreach to manufacturers, the development of a manufacturing directory and resource hub, and the formation of sub committees, the Shasta GMI is positioned for growth the remainder on 2018.



A main priority for the first quarter was the identification of local manufacturers who would potentially participate in GMI. A database was compiled with records provided by EDD, the Shasta EDC and the SMART Resource Center. This database ensures contact information is up to date and allows the pre-population of content for the Shasta GMI website. The following outreach activities were completed:


  • Database Compiled
  • Training Opportunities and GMI Lunch and Learn invites sent to 50+ manufacturers, including CTE instructors.
  • One on one meetings with current GMI members for feedback on initiative progress/value
  • Identification and outreach to 14 new manufacturers to inform and invite them to GMI
  • Met with the CTE Advisory committee for Anderson Union High School District. Tour their makers space which includes CNC machining, wood working, plastics, electronics and 3D Printing.


Key learnings:

  • A lack of response unless meetings are in person
  • A lack of clarity on the activities and value of GMI
  • A lack of succession planning
  • A general sense of support for the idea of GMI
  • Busy schedules make consistent attendance challenging
  • A desire to see other production facilities
  • Many manufacturers already participate in an industry/peer council of sorts
  • Biggest areas of frustration for manufacturers are talent shortage, soft skills/work ethic, retention, lack of educational-industry awareness/engagement, permitting/regulation at a city level
  • Biggest opportunities they see are supply chain collaboration and continuous improvement practices/training



GMI Industry, Sector Support and Education Participation


Industry Partners- We began the year with disappointing news that Jon Lyons from Knauff who was one of our Industry Champions was relocating out of the region. His extensive knowledge of Lean principles leaves a void in our region. New manufacturers participating include Captive Aire, Voorwood, and Sof-tek.

GMI Committees- An education committee is being formed to better foster awareness and collaboration with industry as it relates to marketing the manufacturing industry to students as well as provide exposure and early engagement. The committee will be made of representation from Shasta College, County CTE instructors, Industry representatives, and Shasta GMI coordinator. The supply chain and continuous improvement committees will be forming in 2nd quarter 2018 once we find a champion for Continuous improvement.


Education – John Schmidt (Shasta College)

Workforce – Becky Roe (Sierra Pacific)

Supply Chain -Sam Haier (Southern Aluminum Finishing)

Continuous Improvement – TBD


GMI Meetings- Our first complete GMI meeting was held on Feb 21 at the Shasta Venture Hub. After introductions and recap of 2017 efforts, discussion regarding the State of Manufacturing in the NorthState was made. It was clear that the current format of meeting was not going to produce the outcomes we seek among manufacturers. However, the areas of greatest interest included talent recruitment/retention and marketing the profession as a whole in our region. It was suggested that GMI features National Manufacturing Day as an opportunity to promote in our region.


It was determined that we take the GMI meetings on the road to retain interest. The Lunch and Learn series will rotate every 4-6 weeks to a participating members facilities according to the following schedule:


April- Sierra Pacific

May- Shasta College Adv Manufacturing Program

July-Southern Aluminum Finishing

September- Sof-Tek

October- National Manufacturing Day Open House


Website Development

Development of a Shasta GMI website was begun early 2018. It is being created by Cloudwise Academy through a grant by the Advanced Manufacturing Program at Shasta College. The basic function of the website is to provide a place for information, resources and member engagement through forums. The website will include a directory of manufacturers and suppliers as well as information on workforce training, education, and capital resources. Students will be able to participate through job/internship boards and read- only access to forums for educational enrichment. Website is slated to be complete in the second quarter.


2018 Strategic Plan

The creation of a strategic plan framework was a priority for the first quarter. As with new initiative, it is flexible and adaptive to our objectives and learnings along the way.


First Quarter- Establish vision, outreach and increase participation

  • Identification – to understand the makeup, needs, and opportunities of the manufacturing industry in Shasta County.
  • Create Database of manufacturers and their specialty
  • Outreach – to raise awareness and add GMI members to initiative
  • Committee Structure- To determine and implement key strategies and activities
  • Facilitated Meeting Schedule/Topics- Workforce Recruitment, Retention


Measurable Goal: Double the number of manufacturers participating in GMI from 3 to 6


Second Quarter- Refine focus areas/topics, Create events to drive marketing of industry

  • Continued Outreach – to raise awareness and add GMI members to initiative
  • Lunch & Learns- Education, Training, Safety and/or Supply Chain
  • Strategy Sessions- Follow up to the Big Ideas coming from Lunch and Learns
  • Committee Meetings
  • Planning for events
  • Website Launch
  • Communications: Monthly updates sent to manufacturers


Measurable Goals: Create 2 strategies that will be implemented by manufacturers. Create 1 event for marketing purposes. Grow GMI from 6-10.


Third Quarter- Deeper dive into implementation. Engage community

  • Lunch and Learns- Supply Chain, Permitting
  • Committee Mtgs-Implementation
  • Committee/event planning- National Manufacturing Day,
  • Future of Manufacturing event mixer
  • Develop a GMI Funding model through membership
  • Communications: Monthly updates sent to manufacturers


Measurable Goal: Host a Future of Manufacturing event at Shasta Venture Hub with 30-40 in attendance


Fourth Quarter- Reflect, Prepare, Become sustainable

  • National Manufacturing Day
  • Yearly recap/feedback
  • Set next years priorities
  • Develop next phase of GMI leadership


Measurable Goal: Host National Manufacturing Day , Paid GMI Members