Power of Small

March 29, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Uncategorized

America’s success was built by small manufacturers with big dreams. And today, our nation relies on their ingenuity and innovation. More than 90 percent of the National Association of Manufacturers’ 14,000 members are small to medium-sized businesses. Our organization’s mission is to ensure that manufacturers of all sizes speak together with a single voice. From regulatory reform to business tax modernization, our pro-growth agenda is advancing the priorities and polices that will allow our industry to thrive and create jobs.

We invite you to join us in unleashing the power of manufacturing—and the Power of Small.

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The Small Manufacturing Perspective

“We depend on infrastructure to get our products to the end market. Infrastructure investments and an efficient transportation system will have a direct impact on growing our business.” –Chuck Wetherington, President of BTE Technologies “Time and money that could be spent on job creation are instead wasted on complying with out-of-touch federal rules. We believe in smart regulations—and simply want to see balance and common sense return to rulemaking.” –Drew Greenblatt, President and CEO of Marlin Steel “By modernizing our tax code and making it more competitive, manufacturers—and all businesses—will find it easier to invest their next dollar and create their next job here in the United States.” –Jay Timmons, President and CEO of the NAM

Why Small Manufacturing Matters
The vast majority of manufacturing firms in the United States are quite small. In 2014, there were 251,901 firms in the manufacturing sector, with all but 3,749 firms considered to be small (i.e., having fewer than 500 employees). In fact, three-quarters of these firms have fewer than 20 employees. (Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Statistics of U.S. Businesses)